Information capture
Capturing handwritten text via a digital pen is the first step in efficient forms processing using Anoto technology.

Be it text, an illustration or a check in a box, the digital pen automatically captures all handwritten information as you write. In addition to your writing, a time stamp is added to every stroke. Plus, data is included that identifies which pen was used, as well as the exact paper form and page.

In contrast to faxed or other scanned documents, only your written information is transmitted, thereby keeping the data files to a minimum. It is also possible to receive feedback to the phone, so that you can correct any mistake or missed data while still on the job. This guarantees instant data delivery of the highest quality in your form processing routines.

Data optimization
At the receiving point, completed forms are based on form-ID and can be routed to the corresponding application for processing. Handwritten text will be automatically converted into electronic form. If there is any uncertainty, or data doesn’t comply with the business rules, an operator corrects any error or sends the information back to the user in real time for validation. This frees a lot of resources compared to off-line manual registration and data correction, and lets you handle peak volumes with ease.

Data integration
The last step in the forms processing sequence is to integrate the data into the enterprise’s document and data flow. The data can be exported in any format including XML and GIF to suit any back office system, such as ERP or CRM, at the recipient.