When the Anoto dot pattern is added to a paper product, it is possible to use a digital pen on the paper to register what and where the user writes. The quality of the printed Anoto dot pattern will affect the quality of the digital data coming from the pen. At the same time the Anoto dot pattern adds information to the document which could have impact on for example the printing speed. Thereby, the printing has a direct influence on performance and the characteristics of the use of digital pen and paper.

Anoto works together with partners to enable printing for different business setups. Anoto always recommends the use of Anoto Qualified Printers and Anoto Certified Printing, but in certain cases this might not be possible or even required/necessary. In these cases, Anoto Tested Printers offer an option.

Anoto Qualified Printers
Anoto works with printer manufacturers in qualifying printing equipment such as standard office colour laser printers, to ensure top-quality of the printing and the printed products. Qualified printers are always recommended, especially when the quality of the printed dot pattern is of critical importance to the performance of the complete solution/system. The qualification includes extensive tests and requirements specified by Anoto. Find Qualified Printers here.

Anoto Certified Printing
Anoto certifies companies (print service providers) involved in printing of paper products enabling Anoto functionality, to ensure the quality of the products. These companies are often well established print service providers. Find Certified Print Service Providers here.

Anoto Tested Printers
Anoto provides the Tested Printers process to allow faster and less extensive tests compared to qualified printing. The test process and the methods to measure the performance are set by Anoto, but at the same time there are no requirements defined by Anoto. This means that you have to look at the result and make your own decision if a specific printer has the performance you request in your use of digital pen and paper. Tested printers are (ideally) suited for solutions/products that may not require the same quality level as the qualified printers offer. The test results are listed here.

If you are a printer manufacturer and would like to learn more about the Anoto Qualified Printer process, please fill in an inquiry form.

If you are a print service provider and would like to learn more about the Anoto Print Certification process, please fill in an inquiry form.

Other surfaces
Apart from the printing on paper, custom print technologies are also supported, such as printing pattern on plastic tablets, whiteboards, transparent glass surfaces or LCD screens. Please fill in an inquiry form for more information.