Send data for digital processing
The digital pen user transfers data after it has been temporarily stored in the pen, either:
  • Wirelessly: by ticking a box on the paper (or any other surface), interpreted by the pen as a “send” command, the pen will use Bluetooth to instantly send data via a mobile phone
  • Via a USB port: pens connect to any PC
Sent data is in proprietary Anoto PGC format and can either be handled locally or routed to the application server associated with that specific paper form for further processing.

Digitizing handwritten information
The application receiving the PGC data extracts all information using an Application Programming Interface (API). The APIs are available both for PC and server environments. The pen data includes all information about the pen strokes written on the page, including:
  • The location (coordinates for each pen camera picture taken by the pen)
  • Exact time of when they were written
  • Who wrote them
  • The identity of the paper form and of the specific pages

Data may be exported in any preferred format to suit the recipient system. Typically, data may be exported as a picture (for example, in .GIF format) but most often it needs to be translated into letters and digits by character recognition software. This requires, for example, an .XML file as an input. Finally, data can be integrated into the enterprise's back-end system for further processing.